Reserveringen na 16:30 uur worden de volgende dag beantwoord 

(Reservations made after 4:30 PM will be answered the next day)

Tijdelijk gesloten vanaf  zaterdag 25 september 2021(meer informatie zie "Home"

Temporary closure as from Saturday September 25th 2021 (more info in English Scroll down)

Temporary closure as from Saturday September 25th 2021

As per government regulation from September 25th onwards all restaurants will have to deploy the Corona Check App. We have decided to remain closed until this regulation is abolished.

We have continuously taken substantial consideration and great care regarding our guests’ health and safety during these demanding times.

Te ensure the the level of safety required within our restaurant, we had to adapt our space to accommodate for the new situation in which we could run it by ourselves, without extra staff.

Consequentially this meant a reduction in turnover, which we could happily tolerate if this kept our guests healthy and happy.

This resulted in a wonderful summer which we were gratefully able to share with everyone.

It was truly heartwarming to welcome our happy guests, and we feel blessed to have made our contribution to their experience.

  If you would like to be updated on our special Takeaways or on other events we might undertake, please mail us at

Dear guests, please do listen to your heart. Accept everyone for what they are. But most importantly, take good care of yourselves.

 Until Soon.